The Mods Log

25 Apr 24

Corsair 6500X + Stealth Tubing build: Void White

Just for your information, Modding Cafe DO build non-custom-case PC, incase you looking for one.

13 Apr 24

Aorus Extreme BOSSGUN ver. - Open Air Custom Frame PC

With a twist in GPU choice in an Aorus themed PC :p

04 Apr 24

DOTA 2 Dire Tormentor - Game's Boss Custom PC Build

Get ready for the journey of making fully custom hybrid figure & gaming pc build, based on this unique DOTA 2’s creep boss. Made by DOTA fan for another DOTA fan. “Tormentors are powerful neutral creep bosses that difficult to take down due to their quickly regenerating barriers and their very potent damage reflection. Defeating a Tormentor result handsome kill rewards, making it quite worthwhile to take them on.” - DOTA 2 WIKI

16 Mar 24

ONSITE FIELD CASE: Watercooled Transportable Desktop

Featured Bosch Rexroth’s ctrlX CORE ultra-compact automation control platform. Rugged case build with water-cooling for the CPU using our StealthTubing block.

31 Jan 24


Extreme Stealth Tubing block custom design to work with ASUS HybridChill water block for VRMs on ROG Maximus Z790 Formula mainboard.

02 Jan 24

Watercooled XBox Series X - Part One

Modded Xbox Series X with water cooling.

29 Dec 23

Modding Cafe: Keyboard/Keycap-Shell Project

Design a new stage for custom keycap /custom keyboard housing collection, while keeping it fit nicely in the big gallery & battle station setup. Built-in battery with a usage time of over 3 hours. Enough for meetings and showing off keycaps.

22 Dec 23

ROG Matrix RTX4090 Hardtubing Conversion

(Not so simple) mod to use this VGA Heat exchange + Pump unit with custom hard-tube loop. Require intermediate level in disassembly PC parts to process. Available for inquiries at